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Whether you are at the beginning stage of your cultural and entrepreneurial journey or you’ve been committed knowledge, information, and development are keys to ongoing, sustainable success.

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Servant Leadership, Growth and Hospitality are at the core of our retail businesses. We use super premium products and brands to elevate our communities through criminal justice reform, racial equity advocacy and social justice activism while also existing to grow the collective opportunity for marginalized communities. 

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We think of ourselves as developers of all things. Real estate is a vehicle to not only create generational wealth but to provide a multi-model curation of land, affordable housing and most importantly generational wealth.

Chelsey Miller, Human Capital Management Consultant

“I always prioritize building lasting relationships with organizations I partner with. Phillip Scotton and the Primo Partners team make this very easy. When you work with Primo, you naturally become invested in their mission. They strive to support a cause far bigger than the products they sell and services they provide. This organization is a beautiful reminder that people, community, and service come first! If you choose to work for Primo Partners you can expect to join an organization that feels like family. You will witness a company culture that promotes development and feel supported by incredible leaders invested in your long term success. In particular, I have witnessed Phillip Scotton be a dedicated leader that prioritizes his team's needs over his own. He is hands on and the kind of leader every organization needs. I wish Primo Partners continued success and look forward to our growing partnership!”
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