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Largest Ben & Jerry’s developers in the United States

“The thing I love most about this journey is the impact. It’s rare that you get alignment with your personal purpose and the work you do on a daily basis. Ben & Jerry’s allows me to spread love and joy to all the folks who come in our different locations. But it also allows me the platform to really impact my team and the folks I work with on a daily basis through creating job opportunities, learning opportunities, travel opportunities. That’s what makes me stick with it.”

-Antonio McBroom, Founder of PRIMO

Throughout the southeast since 2008, we have partnered with over 50 organizations and donated

thousands of scoops of ice creams, cakes, and hours to causes we feel passionate about. We have

also participated in 3 elections promoting democracy. Most recently, we participated in the Georgia Senate special election. Some of our partners include: we are (working to extend anti-racism education), Prison Books, Georgia Muslim Voter Project, Target Hunger Houston, Project South, Mentoring Exceptional Leaders, Headcount,United Way, The Compass Center for Women & Families, Haven House N.C., Athens Area Homeless Shelter, and You Can Vote.

Check Out Our Newest Location:  USC Lincoln

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